Our business strategy consulting services help vision holders to formulate winning strategies that help drive sustainable competitive advantage and profitability. Our expertise lies in developing robust corporate and business unit strategies which can be executed well to achieve business results. We provide sector-specific consulting for fundamental strategic challenges such as growth and diversification. Our ability to uncover hidden consumer needs and develop innovative solutions to meet those needs has enabled our clients to discover new revenue streams through newer business models. We also assist our clients with development of detailed financial and operational plans.


The speed and manner in which products and services are delivered to customers is key to the creation  of differentiated  “customer experience “ and is very often a  source of competitive advantage . Geeks consultant customer centric approach works towards  building responsive , flexible , efficient and cost effective Supply chains, seamlessly  till the point of delivery .The entire value chain is looked at  from a customer  lens and is engineered to meet the optimal service level that  balances expectations of the customers and optimal levels of asset deployment .The vendor , sourcing and manufacturing strategies and Go To market processes are developed with  a view to be best  of class in customer fulfilment  while optimising  the Total cost  of Ownership

We firmly believe that if you aren’t keeping score, you’re only practicing. Unlike most branding firms, we go by numbers - by systematically defining brand performance metrics, establishing benchmarks and targets, and tracking them on a regular basis. What’s more, we put our money where our mouth is – our success fees are linked to improvement scores on these parameters. Our proprietary brand track Vscope™ is a technology-enabled tool that represents brand health visually as a unique, custom colour, and uncovers crucial insights that lie behind the numbers. Our tracking algorithms quantify and measure all aspects of sales and marketing – channel performance, retailer satisfaction, resource optimization, marketing analytics, etc. – to make sure you’re always ahead of the game. 

In addition, Vertebrand has the expertise to deploy applications and solutions for customer experience, market research, investigative analysis, social listening and other requirements. These solutions are layered on top of our deep understanding of businesses and brands to create a robust Data Driven Decision Making System for organisations. Be it the web, social media or even customer feedback across messaging platforms, emails or even phone calls, if you have a record of them, we can analyse them, deciphering the brand speak, sentiments, feedback and more.