Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Overthinking is a somewhat strange to relate to these images I know but it’s something that has been playing on my mind recently and I was keen to put pen to paper (not literally) and note down some thoughts on the matter (ironically overthinking my overthinking).

As I’ve got older it seems easier to overthink things. Whether it’s work or personal life you'll start to finish up that specialize in something and running that chatter through your head continuously until even you'ren’t sure what you are saying. These moments tend to happen at only the acute ends of the spectrum of getting either an excessive amount of time to yourself and being isolated for too long (rather poignant now) or having not enough time to yourself and being overly stressed. Either way the result is an identical, thoughts going round in your head endlessly recycled, reanalysed and overly thought beyond any logical reason…and I’ve always wondered why this is often, why it's just so hard to urge out of your own head.

What I’ve come to understand over this point in isolation is that an excessive amount of time spent in our own heads removes us from living actually and means we live in our own thoughts only. This to me seems quite dangerous and puts you in a position where you're likely to perceive things very differently to how they really are. Seems to me that the key becomes to be disciplined and stepping into the routine of knowing, once you are overthinking and shutting it down…but that’s easier said than done. At the moment, having an honest structure to my days now has helped me settle into the lockdown, i'm ready to fight back against overthinking and be more disciplined in breaking out from it once I know I’m doing it.

It would be great to understand if any of you've got similar issues with overthinking and being in your head an excessive amount of though this is about one thing or more commonly for lot’s of things.

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